The Muharata Peanut Sheller is capable of shelling a maximum of 30 gunny bags worth of peanuts a day with minimal breakage and/or waste. This is a machine that has been designed and fabricated in order for it to be both very compact and very efficient.  Larger models are available on order

Peanut Sheller


The nut roaster that we manufacture is able to roast a variety of seed nuts as the client sees fit; Soya beans, cashew nuts, macadamia nuts and of course peanuts among many others. These machines have varying capacities ranging from 50 kg/batch to 500 kg/batch. The roasters are fabricated using the highest quality materials to ensure a long lasting durability and service. They are powered through either electricity or are gas powered depending on the customer’s requirement.


This is a revolutionary machine that is used to separate and “blow” the husks from the peanut seed after the roasting process in preparation for further processing or immediate packaging

Peanut Decorticator
Nut Butter Mill

Nut Butter Mill; 

This machine is used to grind roasted nuts into butters. Due to the presence of various screens, one is able to grind said nuts to various textures. The capacities available range between 20 kg/our and 250 kg/hr.