This economy-sized machine is a combination of a chaff-cutter and feed mill. It is suitable for chopping fodder, either wet or dry. This fodder includes: hay, napier grass, maize stalks etc, into material suitable for silage or compost making.

The milling section of the chopper is able to mill maize, sorghum, barley and whole ears of maize into a suitable meal for livestock and poultry. This machine is suitable for for both small scale livestock and poultry farmers. Due to its ability to mill all types of materials it reduces farmyard waste to a minimum.

The chopper is offered in various options as requested;

  • Electric –  Single-phase or 3-phase motor
  • Diesel or Petrol powered
  • combined chopper – Runs on both motor and stand-by and engine, it is usually made to order
  • tractor driven silage chopper – this is a large machine coupled to a tractor for use in Large scale animal husbandry.