Over the years, Muharata has grown from fabricating small scale milling equipment to being one of the country’s leading fabricators and suppliers of agro-processing machinery.

We pride ourselves in the fabrication of high quality machinery that is sure to satisfy our  customer’s needs. Other than the mainstream machinery, we also fabricate agro-machinery customized to the customer’s requirements. We are in a position to supply to ex-stock or within a sort period of time, most sizes of machines required.

We have successfully delivered, installed and commissioned machines to all parts of the country and have a vibrant export trade to all neighbouring countries in the Eastern African Region. For a detailed list of our products, please see our product pages or  visit our offices.


We do not seek to merely expand our business volume but rather, we are dedicated to the use of our unique and efficient technology to contribute to food security for the benefit and welfare of people throughout the Eastern African region. It I the intention of the company to grow hand in hand with our suppliers, employees and custoers, encouraging them to raech their full potential.

Wherever you are in Kenya,there will always be a Muharata machine near you.

Our History

To date
Attending Trade Fair and Local Shows

Muharata attends The Nairobi International Trade Fair, local Agricultural shows to gather ideas from farmers and processors to help expand our line.  We continue to be the First in Quality and Lowest in Price!

Early 2000's
Customer Base Expanded

In the early 2000s, Muharata’s customer base expanded as far as, Senegal to the West, Comoros Islands to the East, The Sudan to the North and Zimbabwe to the South.

As the market base expands, so does the products. New machinery such as chia seed threshers and oil presses are fabricated by Muharata. We have also expanded our lines to peanut processing and tuber/root processing.

Market Trust Gained
New Products Introduced to the Market

In 1998, Muharata widened its product line to include maize hullers, silos, underground and overhead storage tanks and even fuel tanks.

High profile customers including, Kenya’s Presidents, Ministers, INGOs and NGOs; trusted us raising the company’s profile and customer’s trust for our products.

First Mill Fabricated

In early 1983, Muharata fabricated its first mill at Kariobangi Flour Mills to increase its milling capacity.

Later in 1983, the company was incorporated changing its name to Muharata Food Company Ltd.

For over a decade, there was an increased fabrication of posho mills delivered and installed in most parts of the country.

We continue to be the First in Quality and Lowest in Price!